Hisuian Decidueye | Pokémon
Nintendo Switch
Previously discovered appearance

Hisuian Decidueye​

  • Category
    Arrow Quill Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    1.6 m
  • Weight
    37 kg

Made Sturdy by Hisui’s Harsh Environment

Hisuian Decidueye has evolved to be fierce and stalwart in order to survive in the region’s harsh environments. It doesn’t have a set territory. Instead, it goes wandering in search of food to survive. Unlike in its previously discovered appearance, it tends to deliberately engage in close-range combat to overpower opponents. However, it seems to tolerate those that do not display hostility toward it.​

Its Powerful Legs Deliver Mighty Blows!

Decidueye’s legs are extremely powerful, so much so that it can knock trees down and shatter boulders with the power of its kicks. Its signature strategy is to fly toward opponents to deliver a kick, then follow up with a flurry of attacks with the arrow quills hidden in its wings.

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